Will the NSX in Orange Crush It?

Acura, last week, during Monterey Car Week, introduced the 2019 NSX.

One of the changes is the availability of a new paint color, Thermal Orange Pearl paint.

But as this is a performance car, they’ve done things like installing stiffer stabilizer bars stiffness is up 26% in the front and up 19% in the rear)as , offering what is described as a “new grippier” tire (actually Continental SportContact 6 tires), and they’ve tweaked the software of the vehicle that features a twin-turbocharged V6, an electric direct drive motor attached to the engine and two additional electric motors, which drive the front left and right wheels. The total horsepower is 573 and the total torque is 476 lb-ft.

And while on the subject of numbers: the vehicle starts at $157,000. While that’s an increase of $1,500, according to Acura personnel, there is $4,700 previously optional content now standard. So that seems to be a win for the buyer.

Speaking of buyers, Acura could use some.

According to Acura, in July 2018 the company sold three NSX models in the U.S. That’s not a typo. For the firs seven months of the year, 96. Which sort of indicates that things are apparently lagging of late.

Will the orange paint save it?


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