Rolls Ups the Privacy in the Phantom

Because sometimes you just need a little R&R in the limo

It generally occurs in a movie when the passenger of the limo raises the screen with the driver and the driver suddenly pushes a button that causes the passenger doors to lock with an audible “thunk” and from the air vents comes billowing clouds of knockout gas. . . .

Rolls-Royce has developed what it calls the “Phantom Privacy Suite” for its Phantom Extended motor car (a.k.a., “limo”).

Privacy screen in place. (Image: Rolls-Royce)

According to the company there is an electrochromatic glass screen that is either clear or opaque, depending on the passenger’s desire. In addition, there is a “frequency-specific compound [that] inhibits the transmission of conversations in the rear cabin to the front.”

This is a must for “Rolls-Royce Phantom clients—powerbrokers, titans of business and entrepreneurs.”

Should communication with the driver be necessary, there is a built-in intercom system. Should the driver need to speak with the passenger, “they are able to ‘call’ occupants in the Privacy Suite, who can choose to answer or reject the communication.” (Clearly the sort of feature that sometimes one wishes for in an Uber.)

In addition there is a slot that the rear passenger controls through which documents can be passed to forward and back.

Seems like the sort of thing that a knockout gas capsule might be dropped. . . .

Maybe we’re reading too many thrillers.

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