Playing Pool Bugatti Style

Who doesn’t need a carbon-fiber pool table?

By Gary S. Vasilash

Let’s face it: Sometimes driving that Bugatti Chiron becomes something of a bore, so it is time to, say, climb on board the yacht for a bit.

But at some point gazing at the Amalfi Coastline becomes tedious.

So it is time to go below to partake in a bit of pool.

Pool, anyone? (Image: Bugatti)

And the Bugatti Lifestyle collection has you covered with the “Bugatti Pool Table.”

It isn’t produced by Bugatti but a firm named IXO.

According to Pedro Sanchez, general manager of the firm, “When we started developing the Bugatti Pool Table project, we knew we had to be different and excel in all arears in order to be extraordinary. At IXO, good is never enough.”

He goes on, but you get it.

There will be a total of 30 tables—all with a carbon fiber finish and a machined aluminum and titanium frame—will be produced. Five this year.

This brings us back to the ship: There is an available servo-driven system that will adjust the legs of the table predicated on a gyroscopic sensor so if there is a bit of a swell, within five milliseconds the table is flat.

All in a day’s recreation.

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