1934 Voisin C-27 Aérosport

They don’t design them like they used to.

By Gary S. Vasilash

Voisin–1934. Aluminum body. Note the shape of the side window. (Image: The Concours of Elegance)

This is the Voisin C-27 Aérosport, created by Gabriel Voisin, who, at the start of the age of aircraft was a pioneer: he had the first plane to fly more than 1 km, with the accomplishment being under “official observation.”

Post-World War I he became involved in automobiles. Because of his aeronautical experience he made vehicles with aluminum bodies. . .which had the downside of being a required material for World War II construction, so many Voisins were scrapped for material.

“Many” needs to be taken with a bit of salt: there were only about 11,000 vehicles built.

Today there are about 150.

This vehicle will be on display at the The Concours of Elegance that will be held at Hampton Court Place September 3 to 5. (Or, in the UK, 3 to 5 September.)

Of course, there will be plenty of UK cars on the green.

But seriously, look at that car from 1934.


1 thought on “1934 Voisin C-27 Aérosport

  1. What’s a word meaning “homogenization of design,” in which the evolution of airliner design results in all commercial airplanes now looking alike (two engines, one slung below each wing), or necessary safety regulations resulting in a dearth of significant individual variety in automobile design?


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