Lambo and LEGO

A LEGO model that looks (almost) like the real thing

By Gary S. Vasilash

When you were a kid, perhaps you had a model—or more—of a particular vehicle that you hoped to have when you “grew up.”

And maybe you had a LEGO set that allowed you to make something that was a geometric analogue of that vehicle.

For many people, a Lamborghini may have been the desired vehicle.

And Automobili Lamborghini has been working with LEGO on the production of models.

The latest is a life-size replica of the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37.

(Image: Automobili Lamborghini)

Yes, as big as the real car.

To build it they used 154 different types of LEGO elements, including 20 molded for the project. (Which goes to show you that when the OEM and the supplier are working hand-in-hand, special things can happen.)

This was no idle process of putting blocks together and seeing how they worked.

There was a team of 15 people involved. They used 8,660 hours of development and construction.

The companies say that the model is “identical” in size to the real thing: 4,980 mm long, 2,101 mm wide and 1,133 mm high.

The model was painted in the Automobili Lamborghini paint shop.

LEGO offers a 1:8-scale edition of the Sián for those looking to put something on the shelf.

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