Fisker: Passionate About Clean Transportation

It is about engagement at Fisker. . .

By Gary S. Vasilash

“Our corporate vision is ‘A cleaner future for all,’ and one of our brand pillars is ‘Designed by people, for people.’ So this is not about just making a toaster on wheels by a computer, but we really have people here which are engaged and excited. I’m personally involved in every single design that we make, and I think that’s going to be one of the main differentiators of Fisker.”—Henrik Fisker, co-founder, president, chairman & CEO, Fisker Inc., June 8, 2021

Fisker, as in the man, is the designer of vehicles ranging from the Aston Martin DB9 to the Karma. Clearly the man knows how to pen a vehicle.

So the company apparently has a mission to make vehicles that are affordable across the board, whether this is for someone who wants something in the lux space or something that is achievable by someone who might otherwise buy something that resembles, well, a toaster.

Sometimes people talk about the importance of having a “car guy” in charge of a car company.

This is one better.

Maybe more than one better.

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