WMC’s Innovative Electric Motorcycle

A carbon fiber bike with some clever aero design

By Gary S. Vasilash

If you look at the picture of this motorcycle—the WMC250EV from White Motorcycle Concepts (WMC), a British firm—you will notice a black spot where you might imagine a headlamp might be positioned:

(Image: WMC)

That is actually an air duct, or, in the parlance of WMC, an element of “V-Air,” one of the three “market disruptive technologies” that are being used on this electric motorcycle.

The duct channels air through the bike, not around it, thereby greatly reducing the aerodynamic resistance.

Another thing it does is keep the front wheel down, which then brings in the second disruptive tech, “D-Drive.” This is a drive motor. Turns out that generally bikes, because they are rear drive, tend to have lift in the front of the bike. D-Drive also provides regenerative braking.

Finally, there’s “F-Drive,” a final drive system. This, according to the company, is something that could actually be retrofitted onto existing motorcycle designs.

Why is any of this of interest?

WMC CEO Rob White plans to ride the WMC250EV within the next 12 months so that he will break both the British and world land speed records.

The motorcycle has a top speed in excess of 250 mph.

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