Chevrolet Measures Back-to-School Driving Concerns

And when you enter a school zone, slow the hell down

By Gary S. Vasilash

You may have noticed that Chevy ads of late are focusing on how their new vehicles can help keep kids safe.

So as to underscore that with some data, Chevrolet contracted the Harris Poll to survey 1,204 adults who have at least one child from 3 to 18 about their concerns vis-à-vis their offspring and driving, which is likely to be more prevalent this year as many kids will actually be going back to school in person rather than via Zoom.

The survey shows that 68% of the adults think that getting back on the road this year every day is a troubling concern.

One of the issues: 61% say that their teen driver had less time behind the wheel last year and therefore the driving skills may be less than what regular practice could provide.

And then there is the issue of other drivers.

Seventy-eight percent of parents say that other drivers seem more unsafe than they were before the pandemic. Perhaps they lost practice time, too.

And 73% say that there seem to be more aggravated drivers on the road now than there were pre-pandemic, which is certainly a non-trivial issue.

Let’s face it: there is nothing funny about an agitated person who is rusty in their skills piloting a two-ton object at speed.

Drive safely.

Regardless of what you’re driving, physics are physics and accidents do happen—with incredibly unfortunate consequences ensuing.

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