BMW Motorrad Releases New Clothing Catalog

Some for those who ride. And other things for those who only want to look like they do

By Gary S. Vasilash

One of the aspects of the personal transportation industry that is often overlooked (but shouldn’t be) is the stuff that people buy associated with their vehicles. Everything from decals to lift kits.

This is absolutely big business. You may not be able to own a BMW 3 Series, but you can probably afford a hat.

BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle part of the Bavarian business, has just released its “BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment Collection 2022.”

It is some 40 pages long, starting with Suits and ending with Accessories.

And in between there are jackets, pants, boots/sneakers, gloves, functional wear and casual wear.

Winter is coming. (Image: BMW Motorrad)

Page upon page of some technical riding gear as well things that can be worn just because.

For example, there is the Functional T-shirt GS for Women and men, described as “Practical, functional and pleasant on the skin. The functional loose-fit GS T-shirt for women and men is made of 80% pure merino wool and 20% recycled PES. The ‘Make Life a Ride’ statement print on the back and the BMW propeller on the left sleeve support the high-quality sports look.”

Not exactly J. Peterman, but. . . .

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