Socially Popular

Since social media attention is one of the most important metrics for those in the automotive industry, some findings from* are undoubtedly of interest.

According to its research, the most popular vehicles in terms of social media mention are:

  1. Nissan GT-R
  2. Honda Civic
  3. Ford Mustang

Here’s how they made the assessment:

The GT-R gets 8,623 weekly Twitter mentions, 9.5 million Instagram posts and 9,890 articles on Reddit.

The Civic’s respective numbers are: 7,863, 8.2 million and 16,500.

And for Mustang: 9,827, 14.7 million and 6,610.

Nissan GT-R: as popular as it is quick. (Image: Nissan)

One could argue that the Nissan GT-R is by far the most popular.

Why? Well, in 2019, the last “normal” pre-COVID year, Nissan sold 331 GT-Rs in the U.S. market. Last year it sold 227.

The Civic and even Mustang sales dwarf those of the GT-R.

So given its share of market its share of attention is massive.


*Zuboti is an on-line driver’s ed course. Presumably it did this research because it figured it would get picked up on social media.

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