Volvo Service Replaces Privately Owned Cars

You would think that a company that is in the business of manufacturing vehicles would want people to buy more vehicles.

But Volvo Cars seems to have a different idea.

It has been running a shared mobility operation named “M” in Sweden since 2019. It has 250,000 registered customers. There have been almost a million rides.

Evidently it is deemed a success because the company is rebranding it as “Volvo On Demand.”

Here’s the thing:

“External analysis shows that one shared car from Volvo Car Mobility currently replaces the need for up to nine privately owned cars in Swedish cities.”

Arguably, this means eight cars that don’t need to be purchased.

Environmentally beneficial. But as the service becomes more successful, the greater the number of vehicles that Volvo (or other OEMs) won’t sell.

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