A Boat Launches the Name of an SUV

Well, the name does describe a wind, and it is a sail boat. . .

By Gary S. Vasilash

What you may not know—but what certainly won’t surprise you—is that Maserati is going to be coming out with a new SUV. Of course they’re putting out a new SUV. It has one, the Levante, but that’s certainly not sufficient because people all seem to want SUVs. More SUVs.

The vehicle will be unveiled in November.

The boat revealed the name of the SUV. (Image: Maserati)

The vehicle name was unfurled today.

Unfurled because it was on the main sail of the Maserati Multi 70, what is described by the company as a “laboratory boat.”

Yes, a boat.

The name of the new SUV is Grecale. It is the word for a north-east wind of the Mediterranean.

Of course it is.