Mercedes Hyperscreen in the Age of the Jitterbug

Age 55-64. That’s the point at which the mean net worth of a person in the U.S. is in excess of $1-million. Specifically, according to the most recent figures from the Federal Reserve, it is $1175,900.

For those 65-74 it is more, $1,217,700.

For those beyond that, less, $977,600.

Mercedes-Benz has announced the MBUX Hyperscreen. It is a screen that will be offered as an option in the forthcoming EQS, an electric version of the Mercedes S-Class.

The Hyperscreen is approximately 56 inches wide—think from one side of the car to the other—and covers 377 square inches.

There are 12 actuators under the screen that provide haptic feedback.

The Mercedes MBUX Hyperscreen: information-intensive. (Image: Mercedes-Benz)

There are 8 CPU core, 24-gigabyte RAM and 46.4 GM per second RAM memory bandwidth.

It will activate a massage functions in the seats. It will remind you of someone’s birthday.

Navigation. Entertainment. Climate. The status of the electric propulsion system. Oh, and the “classic cockpit display with two circular instruments has been refreshed with an all-new digital look” for the Hyperscreen.

The price of a Mercedes S-Class starts at about $173,000.

Odds are, the EQS will be a bit more expensive.

Which leads to a question of the type of person who is likely be able to afford the EQS. Probably someone who is in a higher income bracket. Which according to the aforementioned Federal Reserve figures is likely to be someone who is in a higher age bracket.

The issue of cognitive overload provided by the Hyperscreen certainly things like a possibility.

After all, at the risk of being ageist: those Jitterbug phones have huge buttons and a simple interface. . . .–gsv