Trucks Still Need Engines

While we wend our way to the future, there are still a whole lot of medium-duty trucks to be built that need. . .engines.

By Gary S. Vasilash

You might think that every automotive-related company in the world is transforming itself into something that will be related to electric vehicles. And you would be not entirely incorrect in thinking so, as the transformation seems to be like an avalanche combined with a tidal wave.

But this seems worth noting: the signing of a global framework agreement between Daimler Truck AG and Cummins Inc. related to the development and production of engines for medium-duty engines.

Not “motors.”


(Image: Daimler)

These engines will, according to the companies, meet the Euro VII emissions standards for the vehicles that use them.

Cummins is establishing a manufacturing facility for the engines on the site of the Mercedes-Benz Mannheim, Germany, factory. This will help maintain jobs.

But this seems somewhat odd.

When the agreement was first announced in February, a release from Daimler said, in part, “Daimler anticipates the partnership with Cummins will enable Daimler to increase and accelerate its development efforts on alternative and emerging technologies, including non-diesel engines.”

So Daimler will be investing in the future tech while it will rely on Cummins to provide the tried-and-true.

Perhaps Cummins is going to take the profits from the Mannheim products and invest them in something of an electric nature.