Gen Z Drives Transport Use

Gen Z adults, of all the generational cohorts, are the most on the move.

In the past month 35% rode a subway, 44% a bus, 31% a local commuter train, and 52% used a ride-hailing app. That according to Morning Consult.

To put those numbers into perspective, the averages for all U.S. adults are, respectively, 15%, 21%, 15% and 25%.

Or in all cases Gen Z is double the average.

What’s more, 57% of Gen Z adults said they’d taken a road trip during the past month, which puts that group at the top. . .although Millennials are at 56%, so it isn’t like they’re comparative stay-at-homes. That description would apply to the Boomers, as only 26% of them reported a road trip.

There is, evidently something to the notion of youthful wanderlust—although it is worth noting that 82% of all U.S. adults reported using their household vehicle during the past month to. . .drive to work.