Dreaming of Stockholm


If you’ve seen the British TV program Wallander staring Kenneth Branagh playing the Swedish detective from the books by Henning Mankell, you know that the man evidently doesn’t get a whole lot of sleep. It is almost painful to watch. You want to shout at the TV: “Stop driving that damn Volvo and go take a nap! The crime has been committed. You can get a little kip and then solve it.”

Speaking of the lack of sleep and Volvo, should you be in New York this weekend, you might swing over to Classic Car Club Manhattan, Pier 76, Hudson River Park, specifically to the “Streets Don’t Sleep” Gallery, where Volvo Car USA, Fujifilm USA and the aforementioned car club are sponsoring a photography exhibition titled “Streets Don’t Sleep.”

Work by five photographers—who focused on a Volvo vehicle (V90 Cross Country, S90, XC90, or V90)—are on display. The shooters are: Kosten, Night.Shift, Transmental, Ryan Millier, and Gregory Berg.

Oddly enough, while you can see it today or tomorrow (July 22-23), apparently the people at the gallery do sleep—a lot—because the hours are from 11 am to 4 pm.

(You can learn more at: http://www.volvocars.com/us/shopping-tools/additional-choices/events/streets-dont-sleep )

Streets Don't Sleep - Nightshift - V90

Streets Don’t Sleep – Nightshift – V90