Writing BMW

While we are certainly fans of writing, nowadays most writing is done, it seems, by tapping on keys, be they physical or digital. Pulling a nib from which ink flows across the surface of a piece of paper seems almost downright cuneiform-like.

BMW is positioned itself, primarily through its innovative i-Brand, but certainly in terms of the amount of technology that it puts into its cars and crossovers, as a technological leader.

Be that as it may, BMW, in relation to the launch of a limited edition car that may have the longest name in history–The BMW Individual 7 Series THE NEXT 100 YEARS (yes, that is the name)—worked with Montblanc in the creation of hand-writing gear, including a special fountain pen based on the Meisterstuck 149, which features a skeletonized metal cap and barrel that is said to have been inspired by the Merino leather used for the TBI7STN1Y and a “7” engraved into the Au750 rhodium-plated gold nib.

Presumably “The BMW Individual 7 Series THE NEXT 100 YEARS” wouldn’t fit.

While BMW and Montblanc are both luxury brands, it does seem somewhat unusual that BMW didn’t commission something like a special-edition iPad at the very least.


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