Abarth Sets World Record (Not What You’d Think)

Abarth, the performance brand of FCA (which is not to say Alfa Romeo isn’t, but it is somewhat more refined), established a Guinness World Record on December 19.

No, this wasn’t some feat of driving like an agitated bat-out-of-hell (or this would more appropriately be a poked scorpion-out-of-same).

Rather, on “Abarth Day,” the Abarthisiti, who would otherwise show up at a venue where they would show off their shiny metal, met virtually.

(Image: Abarth)

And the record they set was this: the Abarth enthusiasts uploaded 868 photos of their cars to a specially created Facebook page in one hour.

While it would seem that 868 photos per hour isn’t exactly head-snapping (one assumes, for example, that were the fans of K-Pop’s BTS do the same they would accomplish that in a matter of microseconds), it evidently is a record.


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