Why Hydrogen Is Better

Who wants to spend time cooling their heels at a charging station?

By Gary S. Vasilash

Although there is something to be said for electric vehicles (as in the previous post below), one thing that is a bit of a nuisance with EVs is not the driving but the charging.

Not even the fastest fast-charger is going to stuff electrons into a battery as quickly as gasoline goes through the nozzle at your local gas station.

What’s more, there is a bit of a problem with the whole notion of fast charging in that the faster you stuff those electrons in, the more the battery is affected, and not in a good way.

One of the alternatives to a battery electric vehicle is a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle.

Yes, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is an electric vehicle, too, with the battery being replaced by a fuel cell stack and a cylinder (or two or more) of compressed hydrogen. The hydrogen goes into the stack, is turned into electricity, and that powers the motors that drive the wheels.

And refueling a hydrogen vehicle is quite analogous to pumping gasoline.

As for time:

A 2021 Toyota Mirai went to a hydrogen pump at the Toyota Technical Center in Gardena, California, on August 23, 2021.

The tank was filled. It took five minutes. The tank was sealed with a sticker by the observer from the Guinness World Records.

Toyota evp Bob Carter, a Guinness certificate and the Mirai that earned it. (Image: Toyota)

Over two days of driving the two drivers drove around SoCal under a variety of conditions (yes, including the legendary traffic jams). When they returned to the start point, they had traveled 845 miles on that single tank of hydrogen.

A tank that was filled in 5 minutes.

Admittedly, the drivers are hypermilers (Wayne Gerdes and Bob Winger). Their driving techniques are not those that most of us—not even the most diligent of us—are likely to use with any consistency.

But it underscores the fact that hydrogen can get you much further with less time spent at a station than electricity can. Even for those with a lead foot.

Abarth Sets World Record (Not What You’d Think)

Abarth, the performance brand of FCA (which is not to say Alfa Romeo isn’t, but it is somewhat more refined), established a Guinness World Record on December 19.

No, this wasn’t some feat of driving like an agitated bat-out-of-hell (or this would more appropriately be a poked scorpion-out-of-same).

Rather, on “Abarth Day,” the Abarthisiti, who would otherwise show up at a venue where they would show off their shiny metal, met virtually.

(Image: Abarth)

And the record they set was this: the Abarth enthusiasts uploaded 868 photos of their cars to a specially created Facebook page in one hour.

While it would seem that 868 photos per hour isn’t exactly head-snapping (one assumes, for example, that were the fans of K-Pop’s BTS do the same they would accomplish that in a matter of microseconds), it evidently is a record.