COVID, the UK and bp

The UK has become the first European country to pass 100,000 deaths from COVID-19.

And while there is nothing good to say about that, the energy company bp (once known as “British Petroleum”) is doing something good:

  1. Providing fuel free of charge for UK emergency services vehicles until March 31
  2. Teaming with Deliveroo on its “Lunch for Lifesavers” program and donating 250,000 bp/M&S meals to staff and volunteers at vaccination centers and to front line NHS workers in the UK

The vehicles that qualify for the free fuel include police, fire, NHS ambulances, NHS trust non-emergency vehicles, blood bikes, and vehicles used by NHS-contracted companies involved in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last year bp ran a similar program and supplied more than 10-million liters of fuel.

Explaining why the company is doing this, Bernard Looney, bp chief executive, said, “A year into this crisis, it continues to take a ‎heavy toll on our neighbours and our nation. These latest initiatives use our resources and ‎reach across the country to support essential services and the people who are working ‎around the clock to keep us all safe. The UK has been our home for over a century and we ‎feel it’s important that we do our bit to help.”

Credit to the company for pitching in.

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