How Are Sales Doing?

Were it not for things like blizzards, probably even better

Although it seems that new vehicle sales are an unstoppable force now that more people have become bored with COVID been vaccinated, according to Cox Automotive, in February there were 2.82-million cars, trucks and utilities on dealer lots—and in January that number was 2.79-million.

Turns out that things like winter storms not only knock out power grids but keep people from showrooms.

While 2.82-million may seem like a lot, back in normal times (remember those), the number was bigger: a year ago it was 3.41-million.

That’s for new. What about used?

Well, that part of the business is evidently better. There was an unsold supply of 2.59-million units on lots at the end of February. The number was 2.66-million in January, or a 70-million-unit difference.

And the difference between now and last year is notable: 12%. There were 2.97-million used vehicles ready to go in February 2020.

Still, whether it is one of the 2.82-million or 2.59-million, there is probably a vehicle that could have your name on it.–gsv

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