Hyundai Launching RoboShuttle Pilot Program

Level 4 capability is rolling in the streets of Sejong Smart City. . .

By Gary S. Vasilash

Hyundai Motor Company—the parent organization of the firm that brings us Elantras and Tucsons and so on—announced it is launching a “RoboShuttle,” which is a Hyundai H350, light commercial, four-door van that is loaded with autonomous driving and artificial intelligence such that it will be able to transport people “with minimal intervention from a safety driver.”

Almost-autonomous vehicle. (Image: Hyundai)

More simply: this is going to be the basis of a ride-hailing service (there is the Shucle app developed by AIRS Company, which happens to be an AI research lab owned and operated by Hyundai). The system will determine the most-optimal routes based on demand.

The RoboShuttle will operate along a 6.1-km route—in Sejong Smart City, South Korea.

Think about that: “Sejong Smart City.”

It sounds exactly like the sort of place where there should be autonomous shuttles hailed by the Shucle app.

In the U.S. it is difficult to get the potholes filled in in many cities, and the South Koreans have established a city that is described as being smart.

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