Random Audi Item

We’re not sure why we know about this, either. . .

By Gary S. Vasilash

Audi has sent out a press release indicating that the ERC Ingolstadt, the professional hockey team for Ingolstadt, spent an afternoon at the Audi Driving Experience Center in Neuburg on the Danube driving Audis.

Hockey players and Audis. (Image: Audi)

First they underwent a safety training regime, then drove things like the R8 and the e-tron GT.

At the end of the session, “the players accepted their new company cars” and had a barbeque.

And now you know something you probably had no interest in, either.

(If you are interested in ERC Ingolstadt: they will start their Deutsche Eishockey Liga season on September 10, when they’ll be facing off against the Bietigheim Steelers.)

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