These Thai Cabbies Are Clever

When you can’t drive. . .garden

Two taxi cooperatives in Thailand—the Ratchapruk and Bovorn Taxi co-ops—have 500 cabs rolling in the streets of Bangkok, which means that there are some 2,500 vehicles sitting in lots, so a number of these static vehicles have become gardens, according to The Associated Press.

There are bamboo frames on the roofs of the vehicles and black plastic garbage bags stretched across the frames. The plastic is covered with dirt and veg including tomatos and string beans are planted.

Thapakorn Assawalertkul, an executive with the co-ops, told AP reporter Jerry Harmer, “The vegetable garden is both an act of protest and a way to feed my staff during this tough time.”

The tough time, of course, is the covid pandemic that has had a major impact on Thailand, with a reported 1.4-million cases and in excess of 14,000 deaths. The protest goes to the government, which apparently isn’t providing direct financial assistance to the cabbies.

Clearly the people there are resourceful. Here’s hoping that the drivers soon get back behind the wheels of more cabs and that the vegetables they eat sourced from markets once again, not from the roofs of Camrys.

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