Toyota’s Big Spend in West Virginia

Last November Toyota announced a $240-million investment in its plant in Buffalo, West Virginia, its only combined engine and transmission plant in North America. The monies will be invested in a production line for hybrid transaxles.

And today the company announced that it was adding an additional $73-million to its spend for not only more hybrid transaxle production but to assembly rear motor stators.

All of which is to say that Toyota is amping up its spend on hybrid vehicle production capacity.

In addition, it is spending $17 million at its Toyota Motor Manufacturing Tennessee plant for casting hybrid transaxle cases and housings.

Last December Toyota announced that it would be launching 30 battery electric vehicles globally by 2030, which would represent sales of 3.5-million EVs per year.

Then it would, by 2035, have 100% of its global vehicle sales be EVs by 2035.

However, between now and then there will evidently be more hybrids available at Toyota and Lexus dealers in the U.S.

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