Cars, COVID & Dealers

Two out of three repeat vehicle buyers said they would stay with the brand of their current vehicle (a.k.a., “brand loyalty”) but it turns out that two out of three repeat car buyers. . .buy a different brand.

So finds a survey from Chase Auto. (As in “Chase” the financial institution, which explains its interest in the habits of vehicular consumption.)

One not-particularly-surprising finding is that 45% of people are driving less than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seems that the amount of driving is about to increase, as 53% say that they’ve got a road trip planned. And somewhat related to that is a finding that two out of five people are using their own vehicle for travel rather than an alternative (presumably train, plane, bus) because 80% of them say it makes them feel safer.

Chase Auto found some encouraging news for dealers, as 77% say that they want to visit a dealer and test drive a vehicle and a huge 85% want to pick up their car at the dealership.

That really seems odd.

However, “57% want to talk in-person to a knowledgeable salesperson.”

Shouldn’t that number be a lot higher?

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