Leibovitz & Hyundai

Legendary photographer working with the car company

By Gary S. Vasilash

For those of a certain age, Annie Leibovitz is synonymous with some of the most classic covers of Rolling Stone of all time—when Rolling Stone was a journal that had massive resonance among those who were seriously interested in music.

Things change.

And now Annie Leibovitz is partnering with. . .Hyundai.

Annie Leibovitz for Hyundai. (Image: Hyundai)

She has shot eight Hyundai owners and 17 employees that are meant to “humanize the Hyundai brand,” according to Angela Zepeda, CMO, Hyundai Motor America.

Leibovitz is quoted about her motivation for what is being shown on HyundaiJourneys.com, “I grew up looking at the world through the frame made by the window of our family’s car. My dad equated driving with being alive, with living. When I was a young photographer, in the seventies, being on the road was at the heart of my work. I used time in the car as a think tank. It was so freeing.  There were so many incredible stories with this project.”

The work speaks for itself.

But it is a long way from John & Yoko.

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