Top Auto Brands

How do auto brands stack up in value with other familiar companies? Turns out, pretty well.

By Gary S. Vasilash

Global brand consultancy Interbrand produces a list of the Best Global Brands each year, is out.

Not surprisingly, tech is huge.

Interbrand notes that the top three brands on the 2021 list are Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. Although they are but 30% of the top 10, they represent 62.3% of the total value of that group.

But it is worth noting that two in the top 10 are vehicle manufacturers. At #7 is Toyota. And #8 is Mercedes.

To get a sense of where they are in context, #6 is Coca-Cola and #9 is Disney.

Serious brands.

At 11 is Nike. Twelve is BMW.

Louis Vuitton is at 13.

Tesla is #14.

Facebook is at 15.

J.P. Morgan is 24.

Honda is in the 25th spot. Followed by YouTube.

Number 34 is Allianz. Number 35 is Hyundai. And Netflix is number 36.

Zara is #45. Audi is at 46 and sibling brand VW is 47. Axa is 48.

Starbucks is 51. Ford is 52. L’Oreal is 53.

Fifty-seven is Philips. Porsche is 58. Nissan is 59. Siemens is 60.

FedEx is at 75; Ferrari is 76 and Dior is 77.

At 85 there’s Huawei. Kia is at 86. Johnson & Johnson is at 87.

Finally, Hennessy is #95, MINI is #96. Burberry is #97. Land Rover is #98. And Uber is #99.

Clearly the OEMs are in solid company.

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