The EV Situation (European Edition)

By Gary S. Vasilash

At present, Stellantis has 33 electrified vehicles on offer to consumers. In the next 18 months it will be rolling out eight full battery electric vehicles.

By 2024 Abarth and DS will be all electric. Then Maserati in 25, Lancia in 26 and Alfa in 27. Opel and Chrysler go all electric in 28. Fiat and Peugeot in 2030.

Yet CEO Carlos Tavares was recently quoted as saying related to the European Union, “What is clear is that electrification is a technology chosen by politicians, not by industry.”

On the one hand, politicians are pretty much the last ones who ought to be making technical decisions.

On the other hand, given a choice between keeping the status quo and making a change, industry would opt for the former.

Were it not for the massive success of Tesla, what is the likelihood that either politicians or industry would be talking about electric vehicles?

Not very.

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